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  Office Automation (OA)   
    Office Automation(OA) software,is a type of groupware that facilitates seamless collaboration between your employees, department staff, project team members, work groups, and your business partners. Its powerful functionality enables users to automate business processes, manage schedules,share documents, exchange information,track projects,be instantly notified of any tasks and activities they are involved in.
    eConage's ECM Worksite groupware solution integrates a number of automation,planning, scheduling and tracking activities into a single software package,enabling organization unit and project team can collaborate. It supports Chinese,English,Japanese and other languages, provides a variety of communication, process and content management tools and utility.

Core Modules
  • Workflow
  • Document
  • News and Notices
  • Calendar
  • Task Management
  • Address Book
  • Internal Mail
Extended Modules
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Portal Management
  • Budget Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Education Management
  • Provide access to all documents securely via intranet to internal team members, based upon their roles or individual permissions
  • Maintain common and individual to do lists, projects and schedules to simplify the management of group activities
  • Make tasks assignments and status visible and transparent by automatically sending and receiving appropriate notifications
  • Build and work a visible action plan to achieve assigned goals and objectives, helping the organization be more strategic, less reactive in overall performance
  • Organize and coordinate work effort, with reduced slip-ups, mistakes, errors due to miss-communication or verbal direction
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