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  Document and Knowledge Management   
    Business are facing mounting challenge of handling paper, digital content and document. This unstructured information represents 80% of your total information. In addition, it is growing at more than 75% per year. Managing electronic documents is an integral part of business processes.
     eConage's ECM software privides an enterprise-grade document management platform that provides secure, universal access to business content stored within an enterprise central repository and accessible across geographical boundary.
Core Features
  • Manage the entire document lifecycle, from publish, retrieval, to archiving or recycling
  • Flexible set up company, departmental, project, ad hoc team file workplace
  • Office integration
  • Version control and audit trails
  • 3-tier roles and priviledge-workplace leve,folder leve and file level
  • Workflow integration
  • Full-text search
  • Stats and reports
Advanced Features
  • Knowledge portals
  • Knowledge maps
  • Advanced tags
  • Recommendation and subscription
  • Knowledge push
  • Document intelligence
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