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About the Organization

    Greentown China Holdings Limited is one of the leading property developers in China. It commands a leading position in the industry by leveraging on its quality properties. From 2005 to 2012, it has been ranked among the TOP 10 property enterprises in China jointly by four authoritative institutions for eight consecutive years. It is publicly listed on Hongkong Stock Exchange(Stock Symbol:03900)

    In the 2011 China's Urban Resident Satisfaction Survey, Greentown Group ranked number one in the "Resident Satisfaction" outstanding enterprise award. It also ranked number one in the "Brand Loyalty", "Product Quality", "Property Services", and "Sales Services" awards.

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  • Its business model relies heavily on bank loan and execution must be efficient. Fast project expansions require more internal control and standard operation procedures(SOP);
  • Manual, paper-based electrocardiogram processing limits internal operational efficiency;
  • Inefficient processes place a heavy burden on IT resources;


    WorkSite ECM

  • Corporate-wide collaboration and process management platform, for its 20000 plus employee and over 100 strong branches and subsidiaries nationwide. Simple, seamless user experience with minimal training requirements
  • Expanded workflow ability to handle quality, bidding and contract management, HR, purchasing process and other business units,in addition to its daily admin processes;
  • An estimate of 5 million USD annual savings and a 10000% ROI;

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