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  Terumo Medical Products Success Story

About the Organization

     Terumo was founded in 1921 by Dr. Kitasato Shibasabur┃. The company's first product was thermometers and it has since expanded into a global medical devices manufacturer, producing a wide variety of products ranging from medical disposables, cardiovascular systems and diabetes care products.It ranks number one medical device maker in Japan. Terumo Medical Products(Hangzhou) is Terumo's only manufacturing facility in China.

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  • Form and processes are handled with emails or manual. Hard to trace and even harder to analyze and improve;
  • Most documents are stored in employee's individual PC. Sharing of important documents are not intuitive and complicated; Time-consuming search for documents; missing context information about documents;
  • Information exchanges are monotonic; need more diverse mechanism;


    WorkSite ECM

  • Better sharing and search for documents based on context; complete context information provided within search results; minimized search time; supports proper document storage via workflows; increased work productivity through templates; optimized knowledge exchange.
  • Workflows reduce paper-based processes to minimize costs and enhance quality control;
  • Bulletin, discussion forum and polls provide versatile information exchange channels ;

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