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  Wahaha Success Story

About the Organization

    Established in 1987, Wahaha Group Co., Ltd has developed into China¨s largest and most profitable beverage company. Currently, Wahaha established over 150 subsidiaries in 29 provincestotally 58 production bases, with total assets of 30 billion yuan, and 30000 employees. Its main products include milk drinks, drinking water, CSD, juice drinks, tea drinks, health-care food, canned food, leisure snaps, totally 8 categories and more than 100 sub-categories of product.

    In 2011, Wahaha¨s operation revenue reached 65 billion RMB (or about 10 billion USD),tax and profit reached 12 billion RMB, and the payable tax reached 4.6 billion RMB. Wahaha¨s 23-years¨ persistent endeavors make itself listed No.1 in China¨s beverage industry for 13 consecutive years in terms of production output, revenue, profit and other major indicators . In 2010, Wahaha listed No. 141 in China¨s Top 500 enterprises, No. 64 in China¨s Top 500 manufacturers, No. 25 in China¨s Top 200 profit-making companies, and No. 1 in the beverage manufacturing industry. In China¨s Top 500 private enterprises, Wahaha listed No.8 in terms of operation revenue, listed No.1 in total profit, and listed No. 2 in taxation.

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  • Rapid expansion decreases its flat organization structure's execution capability;
  • Many processes are still paper-based as existing system only supports E-mail like routing;
  • Hundrends of new projects launched every year and each requires people across the country work collaboratively and share key information;


    WorkSite ECM

  • Integrate collaboraion,process and document management capabilities at disposal of 20,000 users;The increased communication ensures the facilitation of common understanding,clearer company positioning and increased process visibility,while enhancing corporate central governance;
  • Electronically improve hundreds of its day-to-day processes, including ad hoc and structured that take place within the whole organization;
  • eConage's ECM-based project management system provides the ideal secure environment to enhance project collaboration, prevents reinvention of the wheel and speeding time-to-market.

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